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Who are we?

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Astrée de Mulder - CEO

Astrée de Mulder, Parisian with Antwerp origins, is the founder and creative director of ASTRE. After working for several years for renowned fashion houses such as Chloé, Berluti, and Givenchy, she decided to bring her influences and vision to life of what leather goods should be.

Combining tradition and modernity, Astrée was influenced by a culturally diverse family and by her contact to street culture throughout years in hip-hop culture.

ASTRĒ embodies those values in an effort to bring a sense of practicality and freedom to women accessories whilst highlighting a new face of femininity.


Our Values

The very essence of ASTRÉ is to highlight the urban life and its diversity, creating a movement in which everyone can fully express his personality.

We are inspired by different life perspectives and from the way you all communicate your singularity. We truly believe that in a modern world, freedom of movement is key and it is our main influence for our collections, combining practicality and elegance.

Our leather pieces transcribe these values by offering highly contrasted pieces between street couture, Italian traditional know-how and modularity.


Concept - Modularity x Design

Our Collection are designed to easily transform and adapt, working as a second skin, like a custom made bag, adapting to your lifestyles while providing a high sens of security which is essential in urban environments city or during travels.

Through the many ways our collection can be worn, each piece is carefully thought to adapt and evolve throughout your day.

With our emblematic product, the Belt-Bag « 2MULDER », modern reinterpretation of the bumbag, we created a bag which is both hybrid and chic, urban-inspired design with high-quality materials.